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    Customer Service

  • Why use a travel agent?


    1) We are unbiased experts who share information the cruise lines and resorts won’t.

    2) It does NOT cost more, and should save you money and time.

    3) We are paid by the cruise lines and tour operators, NOT you.

    INDUSTRY EXPERTS: We are constantly updating our product knowledge through continuing education (product & destination seminars, tradeshows, seminars at sea, site inspections), by building professional relationships with the cruise lines, district sales managers, and getting valuable client feedback.  Our office is filled with people who love travel and we most likely have someone who has "been there and done that", and who will share that knowledge with you.

    WE SAVE YOU MONEY & TIME: We have the same rates and promotions as the cruise lines, resorts and tour operators ("vendors") but we also have access to specially negotiated rates, such as exclusive group rates, regional specials, or other rates only available to our agency.  A vendor agent can never offer you a group rate for an individual booking – we do it every day for our clients.  The bottom line is that we cost you nothing and can actually save you money.

    We offer better and lower cost travel protection policies than many direct vendors.

    Let’s not forget the old adage "Time is Money."  We also save you a lot of time by doing the research for you and giving you the ability to ask questions of experts.

    UNBIASED INFORMATION: We work for YOU and have YOUR best interest in mind.  We do not work for any one specific vendor.  We research information specific to you and find for the best rates, itinerary, and accommodations that are right for you.

    Booking direct is a "one size fits all" scenario.  They can only sell their company, whether it is the right option for you or not.  A company agent can never recommend another cruise line or vendor, and they are trained and paid to follow the path of least resistance to get your money and get you off the phone as quickly as possible.  They won’t suggest alternatives that are in your best interest unless it means a bigger sale.

    PERSONAL ATTENTION: As professional vacation specialists, we share our knowledge & experience.  We will get to know you personally, by asking important questions, so we have a better understanding of your vacation needs and dreams.  We’re a small office of dedicated professionals so you don’t have to worry about never speaking to the same person twice.

    GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR: When you book directly with a vendor, you are paying for services even if you don’t use them.  Travel agent commissions are always automatically built into the price of your cruise or tour.  It is the way the industry has always priced itself.  If you book direct, the company just pockets the commission, and you get nothing in return.

    When you book your vacation with us, you have an advocate.  Someone who will be with you from start to finish and even after you return from your vacation.  You represent just one booking to a vendor while our office represents thousands and our parent company hundreds of thousands.  We have tremendous buying clout. You have none.

    We work hard to build an open, honest, and long-lasting relationship with our valued clients.  That is why the majority of our clients are repeat travelers or referrals from past clients.

    It pays to use the services of a professional travel agent!

  • Where do I start?

    Contact us today to start planning!

    We'll work with every vendor out there to find you the perfect destination, and a vacation that fits within your timeframe and budget. Then, we'll secure every promotional offer available to you—always combined with the amazing benefits you receive from our Travel Perks Program.

  • What are your service level upgrades?

    Enjoy Free Service Level Upgrades!  

    Free Service Level Upgrade (1 level) for EACH of the following:

    • Free upgrade when Vacation is 11 Days (10 nights or longer) 
    • Free upgrade when booking mini-suites, suites, and their equivalents
    • Complimentary matching upgrades for additional cabins in the same household travelling together1

    Deluxe Service ($29.95/reservation)

    Choose our Deluxe Service for supreme ease in your vacation planning. Our Price Assurance Guarantee saves you the inconvenience of comparison shopping and provides peace of mind that you have booked a great deal. Our experts are here to help you with their recommendations on destinations, the cruise line that fits you best, stunning resorts, and not-to-be-missed excursions. With Deluxe Service you will receive:

    7 day-a-week reservation assistance from trained industry specialists for the best vacation choices Maximum Savings and Bonuses Access to Group Savings & Services - Even for 1 Reservation Price Reduction Monitoring 2 Shore Excursion Savings3 & Alternatives Info Travel Insurance Shopping Guidance & Savings Price Assurance Guarantee 4 

    Platinum Service ($69.95/reservation)

    An economical step-up from Deluxe, our Platinum Service affords you all of the benefits of Deluxe Service, with extra focus on providing even greater savings and security. We allow you to focus on relaxing, exploring, and most importantly, enjoying your vacation. With Platinum Service you will receive:

    Everything in Deluxe Service PLUS

    33% Discount on Dream Vacations Airfare Service Fees 50% Discount on Hotel Service Fees Hardcopy mailings as needed/requested 

    Concierge+ Service ($119.95/reservation)

    For the ultimate in stress-free vacation planning, choose Concierge+ Service, which provides all of the advantages of our Deluxe and Platinum levels, but exclusively offers important touches to get you to your destination free of worry and with all of the little details taken care of. With Concierge+ service you will receive:

    Everything in Deluxe & Platinum PLUS

    Free Assistance with Hotel and "Independent Travel" Items 66% Discount on Dream Vacations airfare service fees Customized Trip Report with detailed information on your upcoming trip Printed Custom Luggage Tags w/Plastic Holders 5 Subscription to our World Traveler Magazine6 Airfare Arrangement Options – Please Read

    Should you require airfare to accompany your trip, there are three primary options for the arranging your flights.

    Allow the Cruise Line / Tour Company to make all the needed arrangements Make all the arrangements yourself Allow Dream Vacations to make all the needed arrangements We recommend you review these options with your Dream Vacations Vacation Specialist to determine what is best.

    1- Airfare service fee reduction and independent travel assistance is only complimentary on additional cabins if they are doing exactly the same things as the cabin earning/purchasing the Platinum and/or Concierge+ service. If the additional cabins desire different flights, hotels, etc. then they will need to purchase/earn the upgrade as well.
    2-As an added bonus to you, from the time of your deposit to the time of final payment, we monitor the price of your vacation and if we can find a way to lower your costs, we do! This applies to all cruise line pricing only and reduction in fares may also result in reduction in bonuses, so we’ll only take lower prices if there is overall benefit to you the client.
    3- Made through Shore Excursion Group via the links provided by us or from our 
    Shore Excursions website. There is no guarantee Shore Excursion Group will have offerings in every port/destination.
    4-Price Assurance Guarantee: We are so confident that we have the best combination of price and service for you that we’ll match or beat any quote you receive for identical trips - plus you get our great service. Due to the limitations of travel industry practices, this offer applies only to quotes presented to us prior to your making a deposit and only on identical trips (the entire invoice) booked FIT (non-group). Please see our Price Monitoring Service for post deposit price protection.
    5-When available for printing by your cruise line and/or tour provider.
    6-Subscription will run up to 2 years after the end of the qualifying trip.

  • Cancellation Policies

    Cancellation policies vary by supplier.  Please use this list to quickly find the policies for the suppliers you are using.


    Cruise Lines:


    • Sandals/Beaches
    • Other Resorts: For all other resorts please see the terms and conditions on your eticket, paper documentation, and/or the supplier(s) website(s)

    Tour Companies:

    Dream Vacations SmithPollin Group

    • We assess a fully creditable $100 per reservation cancellation fee.   This means that if you cancel our cancellation fee is credited to any future similar reservation any time in the future - you have nothing to lose.   The $100 is fully refundable if you have our travel insurance and file an approved claim.  When refunded by the insurance company, the fee is not creditable to future travel.
    • If you are part of our Next To Nothing Deposit Program, the cancellation fee listed above is replaced with the amount of your initial deposit ($50 per person plus a small service fee) as that initial deposit is 100% non-refundable.

    Note: All cancellation policies subject to change at the discretion of the supplier.  It is the traveler's responsibility to comply with all supplier terms and conditions.

  • Privacy Policy

    At Dream Vacations SmithPollin Group, we are committed to protecting your privacy. We use the information we collect to assist us in processing orders.  Please read on for more details about our privacy policy.

    The Information We Collect: Dream Vacations SmithPollin Group collects from you the necessary information, such as name, email address, address and payment information, to process orders.

    We Do Not Share Your Personal Information: Dream Vacations SmithPollin Group does not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others.  This information is for our private records only.  We restrict access to your orders to those employees who need to know that information to provide products or services to you.  Personal information is not available to any third party via our website or through other means.

    Spam Email and Use of Email Addresses: We make every effort to minimize the amount of email correspondence you receive from us.  We do not share or sell your email address to any third parties.

    Use of Cookies: Dream Vacations SmithPollin Group uses cookies to enhance your shopping and browsing experience and keep track of your order information.  The cookies we use DO NOT store any personal information such as your e-mail address, street address or phone number.

    Do you still have questions? If you have additional questions or wish to further discuss details of our privacy policy, please feel free to Contact Us.

  • General Travel

  • Why purchase travel insurance?

    We recommend Travel Protection because of common travel problems such as flight delays, injuries and illness, unpredictable weather and lost or stolen luggage. Our Travel Insurance Plan provides protection designed just for travelers and can provide coverage for many of the things that can go wrong before and during your trip.

    Top Ten Reasons to Use Travel Insurance

    • You have to cancel your trip due to an unexpected event such as bad weather, an illness in the family or the financial default of your airline, cruise line or tour operator. 
    • You have to return home early due to an unexpected emergency such as an illness or death in the family. 
    • Your luggage is lost or delayed, forcing you to purchase necessary essentials, or prescription medications. 
    • Your luggage or personal effects are damaged or stolen. You become ill or injured and learn that your health care plan doesn't cover you outside the U.S. 
    • You need an emergency medical evacuation due to an accident or sudden illness. 
    • You run into flight delays and miss a portion of your trip or cruise. 
    • Your trip is interrupted due to an unexpected hurricane or storm. 
    • You lose your passport, leaving you stranded abroad. 
    • You need assistance with replacing a prescription or an emergency cash transfer.

    Read more about our Travel Protection Plans.

  • What is the best way to pay for things while traveling?

    Credit Cards

    We recommend using a credit card wherever possible because you will get a better exchange rate than at an ATM or exchange bureau. A lot of credit cards still charge a foreign-transaction fee, so make sure to find a credit card that has no fees. Most hotels, restaurants and retailers will accept major credit cards in large cities. 


    When you need pocket money, use your debit card at a bank. You will get a much more favorable exchange rate than those offered by foreign-exchange bureaus.

    It is also a good idea to have a little cash on you when you arrive to an airport in a foreign country in case you need to pay for a visa or taxi and unfortunately, ATMs are not always reliable! Try to change as little cash as possible at the airport currency exchange bureau, as they often charge hefty fees for foreign travelers.

  • Cruising

  • What is the best time to take a cruise?

    Any time of year is a great time for a cruise, but it really depends on the destination. The Caribbean is perfect for cruising all year long, but some of the more exotic destinations may only be seasonal. Alaskan Cruises typically take place between May and September and cruises to Europe are usually between April and November.

  • When are cruises most affordable?

    Cruises are typically the least expensive between September and Christmas, but not during Christmas as that is usually more expensive. Most people take vacations during the peak summer months, so if you wait until after summer there are some pretty good deals available.

  • How long are cruises?

    Cruises can be for as long or as short as you would like! Some cruises are as short as three days and some are three months. We can help you create the perfect itinerary based on how much time you would like to spend cruising.

  • What travel documents do I need?

    Travel Document Requirements for All Passengers

    Passengers must be booked by their FULL LEGAL NAME as it appears on their documentation of citizenship (Passport and/or Birth Certificate and Driver’s License) – No nicknames, incorrect spellings, different surnames, etc. will be accepted.

    All passenger ships and airlines are required to file with the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS) a passenger manifest. This information is being collected by the cruise lines at least 14 days prior to departure. Most cruise lines collect this information through their website and airlines collect the needed information at time of reservation. Passengers not complying with this regulation will be denied boarding and will not be entitled to a refund. Please make certain that all passengers comply with the document requirements for your cruise. You must check with your cruise/airline/tour operator to ensure 100% compliance.


    A valid passport is REQUIRED for everyone, and must be valid for six months after your trip end date UNLESS you are taking a ‘Closed Loop’ cruise from a US port.

    "Closed Loop” cruises from a US Port do not require a passport (this can change at anytime) and is only as far as the USA is concerned. Many countries you may be visiting DO REQUIRE a passport for closed loop cruises and is YOUR responsibility to research and meet these requirements. Keep in mind that the closed loop exemption is only for cruises. If you get sick and need to fly home from outside the US – you will be denied without a passport. We highly recommend everyone travel with a valid US passport regardless of closed loop status. The ‘closed loop’ exemption is only as per the US government, some cruise lines may require passports regardless, although we are unaware of any at present.

    If you are NOT required to have a passport for your trip you may use naturalization papers OR an original certified copy, with raised seal, of one’s birth certificate along with a government-issued photo ID that is valid for travel – some state IDs are not valid for travel. The photo ID must be issued by a state or federal government, i.e. a state driver’s license with photograph. Voter’s Registration or Social Security cards are not acceptable proofs of citizenship. If you are traveling with your birth certificate as proof of citizenship, and your name has changed since the birth certificate was issued, you must provide documentation supporting the name change such as marriage certificate or court document

    • Visas may be required for entry into some countries. Your cruise line and/or tour company should notify you of any required visas/documents. CruiseOne is not responsible for any failure of the cruise line and/or tour company to do so.
    • Children under 16 years do not need a photo ID. A minor traveling with an adult who is not the sole legal guardian or only living parent, must have a notarized parent/guardian consent letter that authorizes the minor to travel and receive medical treatment in case of emergency. If you need a sample, please ask.


    All non-U.S. citizens, residing in the United States, must show a valid Alien Registration (green cards) along with their valid passports. All others must show valid passport and other required visas including a multi-entry visa for the U.S. All non-U.S. citizens must check with all appropriate government agencies, embassies or consulates regarding visa and documentation requirements to travel to the ports of call included in the itinerary.

    It is the sole responsibility of all guests to provide the proper citizenship documentation required for embarkation of their vessel and re-entry into the United States. Guests will also be responsible for providing proper identification upon airport check-in. Those without proper identification will be denied boarding. Guests denied boarding by immigration officials or travel providers due to lack of proper documentation, criminal convictions, or any reason, will not be entitled to a refund.


    1) Some countries have a very strict policy of denying entry to those with criminal convictions, Canada is a one of those. If you have a criminal conviction, it is your responsibility to ensure that you can enter the countries on your trip. Being denied entry or ability to board the ship is not covered by insurance and not subject to refund of any portion of your vacation costs. 2) Owing back child support can also be grounds for denial of travel. 3) Pregnancy: If you are pregnant or may become pregnant, it is important to ensure you meet the conditions of travel for your cruise line (generally not beyond 24 weeks at any point during the cruise). All these issues are your responsibility to comply with and no refunds will be granted for any denial of travel.


  • Do I need cash on board the ship?

    Most ships have a no-cash policy during the cruise. During the check-in process, you will be asked to set up an onboard credit account, if you have not already during your pre-cruise paperwork. This is most commonly done with a credit card but you may also use Traveler’s Checks or cash. Most ships will not accept personal checks.

    You can charge all drinks and other services to your stateroom and pay at the end of the cruise. On most cruises you can check your balance any time using your room’s television.

  • What should I pack for a cruise?

    Cruise lines allow you to bring as much luggage as you like. Keep in mind that checked luggage can take several hours to get to your stateroom, so it is a good idea to keep a carry-on bag with your travel documents, valuables and any other item you may want in the first few hours of the cruise (camera, medications, etc.)

    Some items you may not want to forget are:

    • Sunglasses
    • Sunscreen
    • Comfortable walking shoes for walking around the ship and in port
    • Camera
    • Chargers for your electronic devices
  • Are there dress codes on cruises?

    Your ticket package or cruise line brochure will provide specific information on the cruise's dress style. Daytime attire is "resort casual" with shorts and jeans appropriate. There are three main categories for dinner attire in the main restaurants:

    FORMAL: For gentlemen, a tuxedo or suit is appropriate, for ladies, a long or short cocktail dress or dressy pantsuit.

    INFORMAL: Gentlemen will be asked to wear a jacket without tie and for the ladies, a dress or pantsuit is appropriate.

    CASUAL: For gentlemen, an open shirt and slacks are appropriate, for the ladies, casual dresses, or pants. No shorts and on some cruise lines, no jeans are allowed in the dining room for dinner.

    Some ships also offer theme nights, so make sure to check your cruise itinerary to pack accordingly!

  • What will there be to eat on board?

    All standard meals are included in the price of your cruise. Most ships will offer several choices for breakfast which may include a buffet and a full breakfast served in the dining room. You may also have the option of having continental or a full breakfast served in your stateroom. There are usually several choices for lunch and dinner: buffet; lighter fare on deck; and a full menu selection served to you in the dining room.

    Some restaurants on board will offer a variety of different foods, 24-hour pizza, ice cream parlors, coffee and much more.

    Soda and alcoholic beverages are not usually not included in the price of your cruise.

    *** If you are celebrating a special event (anniversary, birthday, etc.) please be sure to let us know. We will notify the cruise line and most will provide you with a complimentary cake. Be sure to reconfirm this request directly with the Maitre d’. If you forgot to tell us, don’t worry - just give the Maitre d’ one day’s notice to comply with your wishes.

  • What if I have dietary restrictions?

    All cruise lines are able to accommodate dietary needs and restrictions.  If you require kosher, halal, gluten-free or vegetarian meals, please let us know at least 30 days prior to your departure and we will inform the cruise line of your needs.  If you forget to do so, you can always see the Maitre d' and they will do their best to accommodate you but there is no guarantee they will have foods on board for every need.

  • What is the drinking age on a cruise?

    You must be 21 years old to legally consume beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages on board.

  • What are the entertainment options?

    From contemporary musical theater to Las Vegas-inspired productions, from live comedy acts to electrifying night clubs and casinos, you'll find an amazing and exciting array of complimentary onboard entertainment that will excite attendees of all ages and desires.

    Cruise ships offer an incredible variety of absolutely amazing Broadway, Cirque, skating, or aquatic shows that are sure to wow everyone.

    Enjoy an opportunity to dress up and have a "night on the town" with a nice drink at a specialty or piano bar, a terrific meal at the main or specialty dining rooms, and then take in a show. Still not ready to call it a night? There's dancing and late night comedy to keep you going. Don't worry about the kids as they will love taking advantage of the kids' clubs!

    Want a quieter evening? Don't want to dress up? No worries--there are plenty of entertainment choices that will please everyone. That's the best part of a cruise ship.

  • Do I tip on a cruise?
    Tipping is a personal matter and the proper way to compensate the staff for the excellent service you receive. Most ship staff work primarily for tips. Tips are generally $11 to $13 a day per person and added to your on board account automatically. Some cruise lines allow for pre-paying your tips, and some even require it depending on your meal plan choices. If you haven’t pre-paid your tips, and would like to do so, please ask your Vacation Specialist if this is available for your vacation. While at your discretion, we do recommend tipping room-service $1.00 per person being served. Tips for bar items are included in your charge. Spa and other personal services may have the tip automatically included. Where it isn’t, tipping is appropriate at normal levels for similar services in the US.
  • What is there to do in port?
    There will be so much to choose from that your hardest problem will be figuring out what to do. You can go off on your own or take a guided tour. Every cruise will offer various excursions. Cruising is a great way to see a number of different destinations -- perhaps ones that you will want to take a vacation to again in the future!
  • Is motion sickness a problem?
    Motion sickness is not typically a problem, as the most popular cruise destinations often have some of the calmest waters in the world. Modern ships have stabilizers and access to accurate weather information. There are also many effective preventative medications, which are always a good thing to pack, just in case.
  • What if I have to cancel my trip?

    CruiseOne offers a very comprehensive and competitive Trip Cancellation/Interruption protection program that is available exclusively to our valued customers. We highly recommend this protection.  If you haven't already made the smart choice to protect your vacation investment, contact your Vacation Specialist or the first available agent at 541-349-0036.

    Cancellation Penalties vary by supplier.  Please see our Cancellation Policies FAQ for links to your supplier's terms and conditions.

  • Are there military discounts?

    To thank you for your service many cruise lines offer special Military benefits to you and your family members!

    Whether you are a Veteran or one of the country's Active Duty Military Personnel, National Guard, or Reserve Member you may be entitled to these special military offers by select cruise lines. 

    For full offer details by cruise line please contact your Vacation Specialist. Military ID will be required on the day of cruise embarkation at the pier.

  • Resort Travel

  • What does "All-Inclusive" mean?

    All-Inclusive means that the resort includes a minimum of three meals daily, non-alcoholic beverages, most alcoholic beverages, gratuities and many other services in the price.  Some resorts even offer use of various amenities in their all-inclusive packages.

    Each resort is different—contact us to inquire about a specific resort!

  • What does "European Plan" or "EP" mean?

    European Plan (also referred to as EP) usually refers to accommodations only. European Plans do not include meals or drinks, therefore, if you choose this option, you will need to budget in for food, drinks, taxes, and tips at the resort. If the resort you are looking at offers the European Plan and you do not plan to spend a lot on food and drinks within the resort, then this plan is a good option for you.  Keep in mind that on the EP you can easily go beyond your anticipated budget once you are at your destination.  For this reason, many people choose All-Inclusive packages to avoid "hidden" costs.

  • What kind of activities do resorts have?

    No two resorts are the same, therefore, each resort has different activities available.  Many resorts will have various watersport activities (such as kayaking, snorkeling, etc) included in the price.  Please make sure to check with each resort to find out what is included and what is not.

  • Can I purchase travel insurance for resorts?

    Yes, in fact, we highly recommend it! Read more about our Travel Protection Plans.

  • Escorted Land Tours

  • Why book a tour with a travel agent?

    We love what we do and we are experts at delivering you the most options of available tours. Our team has many years of experience and knowledge about a variety of destinations worldwide and we are committed to providing you with the best tours within your budget so you will have the experience of a lifetime!

  • Do you offer the lowest price guaranteed?

    Yes—we guarantee that our prices will be the lowest you can find. If you happen to find a lower priced tour we will match the price!

  • Do you offer tours for groups of all sizes?

    Yes—we offer tours for groups of all sizes.

  • Where do you offer tours?

    We offer tours in hundreds of destinations on every continent (except Antarctica—but we hope to add that soon!) Whether you want to explore the ancient ruins in Italy or spend a week on safari in Kenya, we offer tours wherever you want to go!

  • How long are most tours?
    The length of tours varies. Please contact us for more info on specific tours.
  • What if I need to cancel my tour?
    Tours cancelled more than 7 days before the date of the tour are fully refundable. Tour cancelled 7 days or less of the tour start date are non-refundable.
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