Why Partner with Travel 4 Your Cause?

Because we put the FUN in fundraising! We create fundraising opportunities on cruises, tours, resorts and other travel options to benefit your organization, your contributors, and your cause.

Individual Travel Benefits

By offering individual travel benefits in partnership with Travel 4 Your Cause, your organization generates funding every time one of your contributors makes their travel plans with us, where they save money by taking advantage of their exclusive benefits. Plus, we build and host a free travel page for members of your organization, with a dedicated team of Vacation Specialists ready to help plan the perfect Dream Vacation!

Group Travel Events

Travel 4 Your Cause coordinates group travel events as fundraisers for your entire organization. From donors and sponsors to staff and directors, all of your contributors will enjoy traveling together while helping your important cause. Plus, we build and host a free landing page for your event, with a dedicated team of Vacation Specialists ready to help ensure the success of your fundraiser!

Your options aren’t limited to ocean cruises, either… Travel 4 Your Cause offers exclusive deals for your organization on river cruises, land tours, resorts, and shore excursions, as well!

1 Great Cause + 1 Great Company = 2 Ways to Raise $$$ For Your Cause!